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Welcome to the Vitamin Information web, based on the work of Mr Janka, famous and very succesful alternative healer. He helped many top athletes, among others, with his wisdom and non-conformity to standard alopatic approaches.

Vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A,  B vitamins, vitamin D and vitamin K are covered. Both recommended daily intakes (in other words, dosage standards) and alternative views on daily intake, are included. Based on popular requests and particular interest of some of the members of our forum (temporarily closed until spam issues are fought out), there is an extra coverage on vitamin A and carotenoids.

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We have been waiting many years until regulatory agencies increased their recommended maximum usage of certain vitamins. It is often still well under what our bodies really need, thus us the consumers and patients being unnecessarily mislead by what is harmful and what is not, and how much shall we really take to ensure the maximum effect on our health. We don't have another twenty years of time to wait until they yet again realize the dramatic disproportion between theory and practice!



I have decided to start an active promotion of this website, so that we get more visitors soon. And it would be a waste of time if we didn't allow for discussion and sharing of informations. In light of that, discussion forum will be officially launched on June 21st.



I hope it will serve a positive function in opening alternative horizons in the area of general information about vitamins.